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Top 16 Projects for Blockchain and Crypto: Artkai’s Case Studies

May 09, 2024

Top 16 Projects for Blockchain and Crypto: Artkai’s Case Studies

The world of blockchain is changing fast, and industries everywhere are taking notice. According to Statista, spending on blockchain solutions is expected to hit nearly $19 billion by 2024. Blockchain is becoming a vital part of our digital landscape. As we move into the future, we expect to see even more businesses embracing blockchain technology. From finance to healthcare, the benefits of blockchain - like transparency, security, and efficiency - are too good to ignore. 

So, what does this mean for software development? Let's dive into the top 15 case studies from Artkai’s team to find out how blockchain is shaping the web3 landscape.

Fintech, Trading & Investing

Huobi - Top-5 crypto trading platforms in Asia


About the project and business

Huobi Group is a top blockchain company aiming to speed up the digital economy with groundbreaking advancements in key blockchain technologies. They work in various areas like enterprise and public blockchains, digital asset trading, crypto wallets, and industry research. Their users span tens of millions across 170+ countries and regions. Huobi Group needed to expand its range of services, adhere to regulations, and build a global ecosystem for the future digital economy.

Development objectives and challenges

The main tasks of Artkai’s team were to research the European market and adapt the mobile app to it with a customer-centric design approach. Our biggest challenge was to create a more intuitive user experience, especially for non-professionals. We had to reduce the learning curve and provide education and guidance throughout the app. Additionally, we needed to develop a marketing website tailored to the European market to promote the app effectively.

Development process

During the research phase, we interviewed traders face-to-face to understand how Europeans make decisions. From this data, we identified key insights for designing the platform with a customer-centric approach. Our team then created a design system for different age groups, testing fonts, sizes, contrasts, and colors. We prioritized text readability, especially for older users on mobile screens. 

Our development team implemented an intuitive interface with users’ control over their assets, quick access to main functions, and secure storage. We developed both day and night modes for continuous monitoring during OTC operations. Additionally, we designed a mobile-friendly marketing website, keeping the interface clear and structured for easy navigation. You can read more about this case study here.


As a result of our cooperation, the client received $1,2 trillion of accumulative turnover, 50% of global share digital assets, and expand their operation in 130 countries with millions of users.

NDA - speculative tokenized trading service


About the project

Our team collaborated with a client to develop a modern trading platform. The client wanted to create a user-friendly platform for trading various financial assets, catering to both experienced traders and newcomers to the market. The platform needed to offer a seamless trading experience, intuitive navigation, and robust security features to ensure user trust and engagement.

Development objectives and challenges

The primary objective was to build a trading platform that provides easy access to financial markets and offers advanced trading tools. One of the main challenges was to integrate real-time market data and ensure fast and reliable order execution. Additionally, the platform needed to comply with strict security regulations to protect users' funds and personal information.

Development process

We started with 3 months of research and UX/UI design, followed by 6 months of front-end and back-end development. We adopted an agile approach and conducted regular sprints to iterate on features and address any emerging issues promptly. 

Artkai’s development team simplified the platform based on our research insights. We enabled users to directly open trading accounts and access AI-generated trading ideas. We added analytical tools for easy visualization and facilitated order management and payouts. Also, we enhanced privacy features for user security and we introduced a day/night mode for user comfort. We created a distinct visual identity for scalability, with design components optimized for usability. To have more details, read the full case study.


The trading platform exceeded the client's expectations. It offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation, which allows users to trade various financial assets seamlessly. The platform integrates real-time market data with accurate price quotes and timely order execution. As a result, the trading platform has gathered positive feedback from users and has contributed to the client's business growth and success.

Coinhaven - an all-in-one platform for OTC, crypto trading, and exchange


About the project and business

Coinhaven is a crypto trading platform developed for African countries to help African people trade cryptocurrencies using their local fiat currencies. The platform is one of the most promising crypto projects today; it is an over-the-counter (OTC) service for people who simply want to buy crypto and trade crypto against local fiat currencies.

Development objectives and challenges

The goal of the Coinhaven platform was to deliver legally compliant and bank-approved OTC services to African countries. A unique requirement was to enable the platform to accept five major African fiat currencies.

Artkai’s responsibility was to create a custom OTC platform with a unique UX/UI design concept for web 3.0 blockchain projects and connect it with a white label crypto trading platform & exchange. We also managed the work of three independent service providers.  

Development process

The project took 3.5 months for research and design and 6 months for development and QA. 

During the research phase, we learned OTC services and crypto trading features, conducted industry analysis, and explored platform arrangement options. Our team implemented such features as easy onboarding, personal analytics, order management, and secure storage. 

We crafted a unique visual identity, incorporating colors, typography, and logo design. Besides, we developed both Day and Night UI kits for user flexibility and conducted extensive testing to ensure quick navigation and easy access to platform functionality on the website. Read more about this case study here.


The result of our work was a perfectly designed three-in-one platform that gives its users the ability to:

• Monitor crypto news and exchange rates for African fiat currencies
• Trade crypto against these currencies
• Buy or sell crypto directly from Coinhaven using its OTC feature

CEX.IO - Bitcoin and crypto exchange

case05 (1)

About the project and business

CEX.IO is an ecosystem that offers a range of products and services. It can offer multiple payment options and partner with trusted banks and payment providers. CEX.IO prioritizes security and offers diverse services with high market liquidity.

Development objectives and challenges

The project involved building an iOS and Android app for effortless cryptocurrency selling, trading, and earning. Artkai’s tasks included developing a user-friendly flow to help new users navigate the system smoothly from the start. Additionally, we focused on establishing a consistent visual system to speed up the creation of new pages and modals in the future.

Development process

The project took 3,5 months for research and design and 5 months for development and QA.

Our team conducted research to understand user needs in having simple access to crypto and blockchain technologies. Then, we built such new features as instant buy and sell for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple using debit or credit cards. We made it easy to withdraw funds to Visa/MasterCard in any currency. Additionally, users can create personal trading pairs and swiftly exchange between any crypto or fiat currencies. By holding stackable coins on their account, users can earn rewards through hassle-free staking.

Our development team set price alerts to receive notifications when the market reaches specified prices and to stay informed about order executions through order notifications. Besides, we implemented convenient money management features, allowing users to easily manage deposits, withdrawals, and card additions. For more details read the full case study. 


The app enabled customers to engage with the decentralized economy in different ways, making it easier to access the open financial system. It made crypto and fiat transactions appealing and affordable for thousands of users.

CEX.IO was recognized as one of the Top 10 Safest Cryptocurrency Exchanges by CryptoCompare in 2021. Additionally, it received accolades such as Most Trusted Crypto Exchange and Most Secured Trading Platform in the UK by the International Business Magazine Awards in 2022.

Matrix Port - next-generation fintech unicorn


About the project and business

Founded in February 2019, Matrixport is a next-generation fintech company headquartered in Singapore with an open and progressive vision and strives to become a new, better generation of the banking system. 

Development objectives and challenges

The client’s main objective was to create a new brand identity that would reflect the company’s progressive vision, innovative decisions, and fast growth in the fintech arena. The biggest challenge was to create a brand identity for a unicorn crypto trading platform.

Development process

After the research phase in which we explored the client’s objectives, market trends, and target audience, we went for a fresh and modern visual identity that evokes trust. Our team started with Logo design, implementing deep symbolism with cutting-edge design approaches. Then, we implemented the same visual guidelines for web design and all marketing materials.


We’ve delivered an awesome and consistent brand identity with a fresh and modern visual that evokes trust. Bright and “pure” colors, plus a font that supports more than 1,000 languages, including the main Chinese dialects, to highlight the brand's global presence. The logotype symbolizes a modern but reliable place for investments and growth. The down arrow is the key element of the visual language that enables composing all kinds of messages.

Lending & Loaning

CoinLoan - A Web-based P2P Lending Platform


About the project and business

CoinLoan is the first crypto-to-fiat lending platform for digital assets-backed loans with marketplace opportunities. Its primary purpose is to allow crypto holders to get fiat money without selling their digital assets. 

Development objectives and challenges

Our client’s main objective was to create a web-based, informative, and intuitive lending platform with a P2P ecosystem, custom UX & UI design, and easy user flows for funds withdrawal via transfer as a competitive advantage. It had to be with a modern crypto space-related look to attract both fintech experts and enthusiasts. 

Development process

The project took 2 months to research and design and 4 months for development and QA.

During the research phase, we identified stakeholders’ expectations, requirements, business objectives, and KPIs to ensure project success. Key user benefits included customizable loan terms, guaranteed repayments, transparent risk assessment, and high security. Our development team implemented features like user ID verification, fund management, easy loan applications, and transparent loan terms setup. We benefited users with early loan repayment options as well. 

Artkai created a customer journey map for seamless omnichannel experiences, resulting in improved satisfaction and loyalty. Additionally, we provided the client with three visual style options tailored to different user types, ensuring a suitable vibe for each audience segment.

OutcomesTogether with the client, Artkai’s team introduced an informative, useful, and appealing website and a convenient, easy-to-understand, secure P2P platform with custom UX & UI design. As a direct result of our collaboration, the platform has gained more than 100k active users. To see the solutions we came up with, check out the full CoinLoan case study.

Loyalty Loans - A P2P loan platform


About the project

Loyalty Loans is a digital asset-backed loan that lets crypto holders access fiat money without selling their assets. It combines traditional finance security with innovative terms. The platform provides loans and lending options, allowing users to use dApp tokens as collateral for interest. Plus, it seamlessly integrates into any dApp with a simple API configuration. 

Development objectives and challenges

Our development team had to create a web-based solution for loan takers, lenders, and crypto exchanges. We also needed to integrate with various financial institutes, combining the best blockchain and finance management platform features into one solution. Besides, Artkai designs an intuitive and understandable user flow for the app with a strong and consistent UI system.

Development process

The development process took 3 months for research and UX/UI design, followed by 4.5 months for front-end and back-end development. 

The core idea was to create a digital finance platform that tracks all user transactions, provides easy access to the market, previous loans, and statistics, and offers flexible configuration for simplified and faster work. 

We also implemented various functionalities for the platform, from digital assets-backed loans and marketplace opportunities for lending and borrowing funds to integration with dApps, interest-earning options, and loan progress tracking. Read the full case study here for more details.


Artkai’s team successfully implemented new features for the Loyalty loan platform. As a result, Loyalty Loans now offers a sophisticated platform with improved functionality, solid security, and favorable terms. Overall, these improvements have greatly benefited Loyalty Loans, providing a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience for their users.

Gambling & Gaming



About the project and business

Nezha is the liquidity engine that lets market participants earn without risking their original investment. Instead of betting stakes on uncertain outcomes, Nezha pools liquidity and uses smart yield routing across DeFi protocols to distribute profits to prediction market participants.

Development objectives and challenges

Our main objective was to create a web-based Blockchain prediction market protocol that appeals to investors, innovators, and gamblers. We focused on key values, such as investment appeal, fun, transparency, and engagement. Our biggest challenge was to blend the excitement of traditional lottery games with the security of blockchain technology, making it risk-free and attractive for investments.

Development process

The project took 3 months for research and design and 7 months for development and QA. 

We started with a 3-week thorough research phase to understand the client's needs, creating personas and customer journey maps. The main challenge was in blockchain development, as we needed to ensure transparency and leave the excitement of a lottery. 

Our team built features that improve user experience, such as user ID verification, personal profile pages with statistics, seamless wallet connections, access to digital collectibles, a blog with daily updates, and the Nezha draw for determining jackpot winners. Our design team built the brand identity around the bright neon accents to make users find themselves plunged into the atmosphere of a brand from the first second. To know more about this, read the full case study


The end product is a complex solution with intuitive navigation that increases conversions and platform attendance. Nezha has received positive feedback from users. They appreciate the platform's intuitive interface, seamless user flow, and transparent operation. It gives the platform opportunities to expand its offerings and explore new opportunities in the blockchain and DeFi space.

Quanta - The first licensed blockchain lottery platform


About the project and business

Quanta is the first blockchain lottery platform, which received an OGRA gambling license. It combines gaming and fintech, utilizing blockchain for transparent digital services and top-notch lottery solutions. Additionally, it's recognized as one of the leading blockchain projects in 2022.

Development objectives and challenges

Artkai used its vast experience in creating blockchain projects to craft a user-friendly design for a transparent, fully automated, and manipulation-proof gaming experience. Our biggest challenge was to incorporate lottery themes into the design to make it memorable, enjoyable, and trustworthy, especially among the latest blockchain projects in 2022.


We created a memorable and enjoyable UX/UI design that is engaging, easy to use, and highlights the product's transparency. This design ensures a fun gaming experience for users interested in crypto projects.

MatchNet  - A TRON-based app for skilled P2P challenges


About the project and business

MatchNet is a mobile-based platform that allows users to engage in P2P challenges and earn daily revenues by mining and gathering MATCH tokens. It has become one of the most successful NFT projects launched in recent years. 

Development objectives and challenges

The client asked Artkai to design and develop a platform where players can 1) create skill-based challenges and win Loyalty Points they can exchange for sponsor products and merchandise, and 2) fight in big tournaments for sponsored prizes. 

The project took 3 months for research and design and 6 months for development and QA.

During the product development phase, we conducted thorough research to understand the market and user needs. Artkai’s team offered personalized gaming experiences where users can create challenges and tournaments, win prizes, and earn rewards. We implemented an ability for players to create challenges with up to 10 participants and for admins to organize tournaments with up to 2,000 players competing for large prize pools. 

Additionally, game developers and players can earn daily revenue through MATCH tokens. Our design team provided various visual styles and identities tailored to gamers and investors. We also crafted multifunctionality for users, allowing them to track wins, participate in competitions, and engage with communities easily. Read the full case study here.


We came up with a UX/UI concept, visual and motion design, and developed the web application. The app is perfect for big challenges and tournaments where up to 2000 players can fight for large prizes funded by partners and win daily revenues.

Loyalty App - A Cross-platform blockchain mobile app to connect professional sports and fans


About the project and business

Loyalty app helps pro sports clubs and leagues deal with two big problems in blockchain and sports - Mass Adoption and Monetizing Sports Fans. Using the app, users get a share of the daily revenue. Loyalty made its own money called Loyalty Points, which fans can use for in-app transactions, games, and contests. Fans can also track their team's stats, watch live games, and more.

Artkai was approached to develop a cross-platform mobile app that would connect professional sports teams with their fans through blockchain technology. The goal was to create a loyalty app that would enhance fan engagement, offer exclusive rewards, and facilitate seamless interactions between fans and their favorite teams.

Development objectives and challenges

Artkai’s development team had to develop a cross-platform mobile app from scratch to connect professional sports teams with their fans through blockchain technology. The platform’s goal was to enhance fan engagement, offer exclusive rewards, and facilitate seamless interactions between fans and their favorite teams. 

One of the challenges we faced was integrating blockchain technology seamlessly into the app and ensuring a smooth user experience. Additionally, the app needed to cater to the needs of multiple sports teams, each with its own branding and content requirements.

Development process

The project took 3 months for research and design and 4 months for development and QA.

We began with the research phase to understand the client’s objectives and the needs of sports teams and their fans. Based on our findings, we created wireframes and prototypes to visualize the app's features and user flow.

We developed the Loyalty app with several key features. Firstly, we integrated a cryptocurrency system called Loyalty Points for in-app transactions. Users can also track team statistics and watch live broadcasts within the app. We implemented the MatchNet API to enable skill-based challenges, allowing players to win Loyalty Points. Additionally, we created separate iOS and Android versions to cover more accessibility. Users can explore team profiles, view match scores, and participate in challenges with ease. 

Also, our development team designed a wallet and transaction system for managing Loyalty Points, and users can create and play challenges to earn rewards. Lastly, we crafted a distinct visual identity for the app with vibrant colors and engaging design elements to enhance user experience and brand recognition. Read the full case study here


Artkai’s team built an app that is appealing and profitable for sports fans by using advanced blockchain technology. Users now earn Loyalty Points for their engagement and transactions, with an improved user experience. The app's design is visually appealing, featuring bright colors and unique elements that stand out while remaining familiar. Additionally, we upgraded the Wallet & Transactions feature to be more user-friendly and efficient.

Blockchain and smart contracts

Aergo  - South Korean blockchain company


About the project and businessAERGO is a 4th generation enterprise-ready blockchain protocol combined with an IT platform for businesses. AERGO provides infinite possibilities for blockchain in various niches: Identity Authentication, Payment Settlement, Secure E-Voting, Document Management, and the Internet of Things. AERGO raised $30 million in funding, with Samsung Capital & Sequoia Capital among the backers.

Development objectives and challenges

The key objective of our team for this project was to reflect the platform’s technological capabilities, scaling, and innovativeness in a stylish brand design, that had to be used further across all of the company’s visual assets.

Development process

After we conducted a research phase to know the client's needs, Artkai’s team started to create a new brand identity design for the website and marketing materials. We centered the attention around a modified lowercase letter “g” that brings to mind the infinity symbol “∞,” reflecting the infinite possibilities and endless potential for the platform's users and technological advantages. We created the unique rounded letter shape to evoke a feeling of constant movement.

Our team applied this style across all the client’s visual assets, coming up with Logo design, Logo guidelines, WEB design, and marketing materials. To see more about the beautiful brand identity style we came up with, check out the full Aergo case study.


We designed a coherent visual identity for AERGO as one of the ways to stand out and be visible to the blockchain community. We created a brand new visual identity for AERGO that depicts the idea of endless possibilities for the platform’s users. LG Electronics, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and Hyundai are just a few of their clients to name. The new design system we built significantly reduced the time and cost of marketing materials preparation.

Blocko - a blockchain enterprise platform


About the project and business

Blocko is a technology company that researches and develops Blockchain services to implement technologies in several different industries. Blocko has achieved significant business success in South Korea and has raised over $22 million in investor funding for the top blockchain projects it supervises.

Development objectives and challenges

Artkai's design team was challenged to create a logo and visual identity for Blocko. The main goal was to help the company communicate and underline itself as a modern digital company in the B2B sector. We also had to demonstrate that Blocko is on the frontier of disruptive technology in the sector of new blockchain projects.


We came up with an idea to visualize collaboration and complementary action by uniting a puzzle piece with a block to form a cube logo. The cube logo symbolizes the freedom to stand out and emphasizes the company’s agility and innovativeness, highly relevant to the philosophy of the top blockchain projects.

 IoT and wearables

Taurus - A “Sleep-to-Earn” App to pioneer Web3 market


About the project and business

Taurus’ product owner, also the Co-founder & CEO of IoTeX, a prominent blockchain & IoT platform, founded IoTeX in 2017 as an open-source platform of the Internet of Trusted Things. Their goal was to establish a decentralized ecosystem where humans and machines interact securely and trustingly. From this background, Taurus is an app that implements "sleep-to-earn" mechanics, where users earn tokens based on their sleep quality.

Development objectives and challenges

Artkai had to design and develop a Proof of Concept for on IoTeX blockchain, connect real-world data from devices to the web3 app, and embody business idea into PoC to gain initial feedback and pitch investors.

Development process

The project took 1.5 months for research and design and 4 months for development and QA.

In the Proof of Concept (PoC), we offered users short-term rewards through financial incentives and long-term benefits by encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Our team integrated the application with primary wearable health devices like Oura Ring which measures sleep quality by monitoring breath patterns and blood oxygen levels. 

We proposed key features such as wallet integration with ioPay, synchronization with Apple Health, connection to Oura Ring, and token visualization through a calendar. Additionally, we planned for future platform scaling, considering features like a marketplace for exclusive objects and a referral program. In terms of visual communication, we implemented a dark tone reminiscent of the night sky to evoke associations with sleep and incorporated bright accents for a native Web 3 look.


Proof of Concept presented a business idea in both design and code. Our client got positive feedback from both groups: investors and test users. We launched the app on 11.917

devices and gained a 200k+ community. The upcoming big steps are to raise the next round of investments, plan the new release, and scale the platform. 

Web3 Marketplaces

Bottlebids - A Marketplace for Whisky Drams


About the project and business

Bottlebits is a global digital community where members can acquire Drams of rare whisky bottles. A "Dram" is a single serving of whisky, typically 5ml. Each Dram grants users access to a digital bottle they can collect and share with friends in their digital bar. This platform offers real-life analogs of Drams, which can be held as non-fungible tokens or exchanged for actual whisky.

Development objectives and challenges

Our team had to build a marketplace that combines best practices from the traditional offline industry and innovative blockchain platform. The biggest challenge was to transform the offline model of collecting and consuming physical products into a unique digital experience. 

Development process

The project took 3 months for research and design and 6 months for development and QA. 

Artkai developed a unique "Dramification" feature that enables users to purchase 'Drams' of rare whisky bottles. We implemented key features that included eBar & eBottle for virtual storage and exploration, NFT integration for bottle ownership, Marketplace for brand engagement, and seamless Payments. Focusing on user experience, we crafted a journey with stages like Introduction, Online purchase, Experience, and Culmination to improve community engagement and responsibility. Read more about this interesting case study here.


The Beta launch of the platform proved that traditional offline industries could be easily digitized and bring many benefits to businesses. Users' active growth confirmed this fact and opened the conversation with investors. In numbers, 16,500+ users got access to Beta-version and 4,000+ unique drams were sold through the platform. The nearest plans are to raise the next round of investments and launch the "Drink the Dram" experience, which will be held at a special location for members to join, either in person or from home.

Lona - An Art Marketplace


About the project and business

Lona was created to help everybody discover the art that they love. Lona is aiming to address that main issue - in the great variety of artworks and new artists, it might be challenging to find those you will admire. At the same time, attracting and converting consumers has never been more challenging for creators.

Development objectives and challenges

Our team had to build a solid marketplace for digital assets that connects art creators with potential buyers. Also, we needed to integrate a custom quiz into the platform as an ultimate solution to engage and educate the audience of art enthusiasts.

Development process

The project took 2 months for research and design and 6 months for development and QA.

We started with the development of Quiz that provides users with a summary explanation of their art personality. We integrated the Quiz with philosophy of art, cognitive psychology, and neuroaesthetics, drawing insights from participants and subject matter experts. Our team leveraged a vast database to tailor specific art collections for each user. 

The platform serves both art collectors and artists with new features that include targeted market insights, driving customer engagement, intensifying lead generation, and facilitating effective digital art sales and operations. As for visual decisions of the platform, our team combined traditional artworks with modern fonts, animation, and markup to create a unique user experience. Discover the new art marketplace in the full case study here.


We implemented the marketplace MVP as a small-scale project with a focus on quality and individual approach that builds a feeling of intimacy. Artkai supported Lona’s aim to promote art to a new level and generate a list of thoughtful sales using the combination of technology and human touch. As a result, the client got 10,000+ times of Quiz taken in the first month and 4,000+ buyers who were connected with artists through the platform.

Wrapping Up

Blockchain technologies are essential in today's digital world, and we're leading the charge in innovation as a business trusted partner. Our top 15 blockchain case studies demonstrate our proficiency and how we address diverse challenges across industries, from trading and gaming to healthcare.

With deep expertise and innovative approach, we have developed platforms that exceed expectations and make a tangible impact. Artkai’s transformative solutions in blockchain and beyond continue to shape business growth, efficient scale, and positive revenue stream.

Do you need help with discovery, UX/UI design, or end-to-end development for your blockchain projects? Drop us a line, and let's chat!


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