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Custom Enterprise Application Development Service

Make your enterprise software development process a breeze with a teamof qualified Artkai developers and designers. Get a business-level solution that works as you please.

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Reach new business heights with an innovative business app

Give your business a unique competitive advantage with a robust, scalable app. Entrust enterprise web application development to Artkai to stop worrying about functionality, security, and compliance. With over a decade of experience delivering top-level web and mobile enterprise applications, we can develop a tool that will serve your business needs and move you forward in the digital market.


Our Enterprise Software
Engineering Solutions

Web Applications

A business idea is only the start of your journey to a functional, appealing product. Work with Artkai analysts to test that idea against market realities and validate it before investing money and time in development.

Mobile Applications

Now it’s time to define the best way to bridge a vague idea with a final digital product. You can use Artkai’s expertise to understand your target users’ behavior and the market environment, thus creating an optimal development roadmap.

Hybrid Applications

Visualizing the customer’s journey is a vital aspect of product design. You should have a clear user journey in mind to design all tools for their purpose completion. Artkai designers can help you map the user journey to ensure a positive user experience.


You can focus on the core business objectives while we’re creating an integrated ecosystem uniting your operations under one roof. Enjoy full-scale automation and process optimization with custom-built web app solutions from the Artkai team.

UI/UX Design

Don’t limit your users and customers with web-only solutions. We can design robust and portable enterprise-level mobile applications and equip them with top-notch functionality and third-party integrations to ensure unrivaled customer and staff experiences.

Visual Identity

Combine the best of the two worlds by creating a hybrid enterprise application with elements of web and mobile features. Artkai coders can mix corporate communication, HR management, and smart tracking features into portable and powerful hybrid apps for your ultimate productivity.

Solutions Architecture

We can solve business problems of any complexity and help businesses respond to market needs better with proactive solutions architecture. Artkai can generate out-of-the-box solutions, meeting your specific business goals and giving you a market advantage.

DevOps & Infrastructure

No need to go on with legacy architecture and apps if you can transition to the DevOps world of seamless, interconnected workflows. Let Artkai developers review your existing IT infrastructure and propose custom-tailored solutions that best meet your business needs.

Quality Engineering

We can help you address new business challenges and technological bottlenecks in the process of scaling and productivity improvements. Artkai combines the gains of DevOps and automation technologies to bring your business operations to a new level.

MVP Development

Businesses can minimize time and money waste risks with quick, cost-effective MVPs. We offer quick execution and easy project scoping with MVPs that can clarify the design flaws and show the right way before large-scale investments are poured into the project.

Artkai offers a complete suite
of enterprise mobility solutions

Use our turnkey enterprise app development services to ace the market.


Enterprise software development workflow

Artkai engineers and designers follow a consistent and well-organized workflow to deliver predictable results within the negotiated deadline.


Requirements Gathering & Planning

We collect all technical requirements from the client and conduct a series of interviews with stakeholders to clarify their expectations of the product.


Product Discovery & Business Analysis

Our Business Analysts scan the market for analogs, competitors, and dominant trends to refine your business idea and evaluate its market potential.


Solution Architecture & Infrastructure

We propose a general structure for your enterprise application, with a broad outlook on the main features, elements, and their connections, to seek further feedback.


UI/UX Design

Artkai designers develop a UI/UX design proposal in line with your business identity, functional needs, and market trends, pinpointing the possible alternatives.


Front-end development

We develop the front-end part of your enterprise app that represents the user interface of your designed solution. It contains all user controls, page layouts, and interactive points.


Mobile development

Our team works on mobile functionality development to ensure that your enterprise solution can be easily accessed and navigated from a user’s smartphone.


Back-end development

Back-end work presupposes engineering of the app’s underlying architecture and server-side structure, identification of relationships between elements, and distribution of load between them.


QA & Testing

The code logic needs to be checked for consistency, the absence of bugs, and intactness to hacker attacks before the app’s deployment. Our QA testers do manual and automated tests to guarantee your app’s protection.


DevOps & Product Deployment

It’s vital to integrate the newly created app into your broader DevOps ecosystem to ensure seamless data flows and the absence of bottlenecks in enterprise operations. Once it’s done, we can deploy the app.


Support & Maintenance

We don’t live clients one-on-one with the new enterprise apps, giving ongoing support and maintenance to guarantee their flawless operations and regular updates. You can also order training for your in-house staff.


Business benefits of custom enterprise
software development

Business Process Automation

Enterprise-level applications can help you achieve better automation of all business workflows, thus combining all details of a fragmented IT infrastructure into a synergistic, smoothly working ecosystem.

Improved Customer Service & Sales

Well-designed, customizable, and fully automated systems allow the delivery of better-quality service, which naturally translates into a higher level of customer satisfaction and a gradual rise in sales volumes and business revenue.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Operating a single enterprise software application is much easier than navigating a complex set of disjointed programs and databases. By mastering this system once and for all, your staff will grow more satisfied with their IT environment.


Feedback that makes sense

Being a part of 100+ challenging projects is inspiring for us. Check out what our customers say about us.

Ketevan Kakheli & Ekaterine Begiashvili

Ketevan Kakheli & Ekaterine Begiashvili

Head of Electronic Banking Service Unit

"Together with their team of experts, we were able to find an improved solution"
Wim Geeroms

Wim Geeroms

Product Owner, Automotive Marketplace

“Artkai’s team delivered excellent quality and professionalism. I would recommend them to entrepreneurs and established businesses alike!”
Jens Martinsen

Jens Martinsen

CEO at TestHub

“We had a discovery phase with Artkai. I highly recommend them for this learning step to everyone who wants to gain more in the long run!”
Judah Musick

Judah Musick

CEO, Tagible / Chief Innovation Officer at Red Rocks

“I’ve worked with many design and development companies, and I can honestly recommend Artkai above all of them.”
Josh Bicknell

Josh Bicknell

Co-Founder & CEO at Balloon Ventures

“The value for money is incredible. Artkai did a great job, and I’d recommend anyone who needs design or development work to look at them.”
Emilio Lando

Emilio Lando

Chief Product Officer at Adverty

“Working with Artkai has been a pleasure. The team is professional, easy to collaborate with, and delivers great results.”
Kevin Byrne

Kevin Byrne

CEO & Founder, BeverageX

“They’ve done an excellent job designing and building what we think will be an innovative and revolutionizing SaaS solution.”


Our Collaboration Models

Time & Material

We collaborate with clients on an hourly rate basis, covering the tasks that your in-house team can’t handle. This working model doesn’t presuppose exclusive staff allocation to your project, with Artkai developers dedicating only the agreed time and resources to your tasks.

Dedicated Team

We assign a dedicated team of developers to your project, working in alignment with your in-house dev team and closing your tech stack gaps. The team is exclusively focused on your project only, without parallel project assignments.

Project-Based Work

We complete all project work from scratch and assume full responsibility for its finalization according to the initially agreed set of specifications and features. Our team works independently and keeps you in the loop.