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NDA tokenized trading service

Broker-less trading platform for  financial markets.

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About the business

This under NDA client offers the world’s first broker-less financial trading platform, allowing its users to trade directly against the financial markets. While the idea appeared to be very well-received, the first execution failed to meet user expectations. The platform had issues with usability, so our team was requested to make the platform and website more appealing, intuitive, and user-friendly.


Project tasks

  • To crate a Web-based trading platform with simple, quick, and effortless user journey
  • To create an Android mobile app version of the platform


Project team

Team: UI/UX designer, 2 Front-end engineers, 2 Mobile engineers, QA engineer, Project manager, Business analyst.


months of discovery and design


months for development and QA

Design and development are done in parallel after the research and discovery phase.


Tech stack


Product development

Platform features

We were building the product and its features around the insights discovered during the Research Phase, increasing the simplicity and easiness of use.

icon Trading account

Trading account:
Support of a trading account opening on the users themselves by directly contacting the Platform Partner

icon Trading ideas

Trading ideas:
AI-based generation of trading ideas for
the users

icon Analytics

Visualization of trading processes with a rich set of analytical modeling and chart tools

icon Payouts

Monetary disbursements from trading

icon Orders

Management of the trading orders, including opening, closing, and execution

icon Platform Privacy

Platform Privacy:
High-level privacy management for the users’ trading operation based on the predefined policies

Mind map & user scenarios

Mind Maps & User Scenarios made it possible for us to understand how users may interact with Spectre or similar applications and identify tasks they implement to achieve their goals.
Based on the research findings, we have identified a set of must-have features and elements the redesigned platform was to provide to realize its full potential.

Trading Platform. Mind map.

Day / Night mode

Information architecture was built so that Trading platform would provide easily recognizable, relevant educational materials.

Trading Platform. Day & Night mode.

Brand-Specific Visual Identity

The visual system was developed to allow for future scaling.

Buttons, drop-downs, tooltips, input fields, links, headers, and other design components were presented in the UI kit and designed so that their look would change in accordance with user actions: hover, selection, click.

Trading Platform. Colors, typography.

Trading Platform. UI kit.



With several thousand new users accounts added every month, under NDA Trading Platform is the fastest growing platform for Digital Contracts.

A unique, responsive, feature-rich, and easy-to-use web-based trading platform

A platform with all the essential trading tools and parameters required for a safe and fraud-free trading experience, easily accessible to the masses

A highly visual, simple, and interactive user interface that educates its users from their very first trade.