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Blockchain Prediction Market Protocol

Prediction market protocol built on Solana Blockchain.

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About the business

Nezha is the liquidity engine allowing market participants to only risk loss of profit without risking the principal investment. Instead of wagering stakes with the expected adverse outcomes, Nezha pools together liquidity and uses smart yield routing across DeFi protocols to distribute yield to prediction market participants. As it provides all the excitement without the downsides, we think of it as “Vegas without the hangover.”


Project tasks

  • Build a web-based Blockchain prediction market protocol, making it interesting for all: Investors, Innovators, and Gamblers.
  • Create a comprehensive product to engage new users and maintain retention by supporting core values: attractiveness to invest, fun, transparency, engagement.
  • Combine classical lottery fun and entertainment with the blockchain universe, making it no-loss and attractive for investments


Project team

Team: 2 UI/UX designers, 2 Front-end engineers, 2 Back-end engineers, 2 Blockchain engineers, Solutions Architect, DevOps, QA engineer, Project manager, Business analyst.


months for research and design


months for development and QA

Design and development are done in parallel after the research and discovery phase.


Tech stack



Product development

Research phase & Product discovery

Our team was building a complex community yield prize platform from scratch, so it was necessary to think out user roles and all possible scenarios in advance. We dedicated around three weeks of our effort to the research to form a  complete picture of a client's needs:

  • Personas, CJM. As we have three very different categories of users, we wanted to investigate more about their needs, pains, and habits to cover each of the categories and desires in a better way. CJM was created to map users' experiences and help us to cover their core needs, prevent their concerns and solve potential pains.
  • Architecture and Smart contract flows. Automate the execution of an agreement so that the whole team can be immediately sure of the outcome without any intermediary's involvement or time loss.
  • Back end / Front end / Blockchain development. The main technical challenge was related to blockchain functionality, as it is hard to combine the full transparency of a blockchain with the unpredictability of a lottery.

We were building the product and its features around the insights discovered during the Research Phase, increasing the simplicity and easiness of use.

Platform features

User ID verification
The all-in-one identity verification system

Profile page with personal statistics
Сontinuously updated user statistics

Direct wallet connection
Seamless token transfer

Solana NFT
Quick and easy access to digital collectibles

Daily updated blog articles

Nezha draw
Determination of the weekly jackpot winner

Nezha. High level architecture.

UX/UI Design

While working on the visual appearance of the platform, our purpose was to recreate the game's feeling without being too attached to the image of classic gambling. It was essential to differentiate from old-school platforms and display our win-win approach through usability and design. 

Eventually, we balanced the manufacturability of the fintech market and the gaming industry.

Nezha. Dashboard.

Visual Identity

Our design team built the brand identity around the bright neon accents. On the emotional level, it references the tech side of the platform and the idea of a new approach to gambling. Users can find themselves plunged into the atmosphere of a brand from the first second.

Nezha. Colors and fonts.



Product Discovery helped outline the project stakeholders' vision and optimize the business process to retain customers by improving services.

The end product is a complex solution built with intuitive navigation for users that increases conversions and platform attendance.