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Product Design Sprint 

Add more structure and visibility to your product development processes. Validate ideas with design and prototyping in short sprints to ensure that you’re moving in the right direction.  

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Progress with Your Project with
Clear Guidelines

Product design sprints are a handy methodology for software development projects, as it helps you visualize ideas, prototype them, test the intermediate results with users, and strengthen collaboration at every step. Artkai can help you design low-risk sprints to guarantee that your project goes in the right direction and takes the expected shape. The short duration of sprints allows experimentation with ideas and weeding out things that don’t work early in the development process. 


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Value from sprint approach


Sprints usually take 5 days, which allows quick and cost-effective testing of software ideas and a ready prototype for user testing in less than a week. This methodology is ideal for startups needing fast and affordable solutions to follow the right path. 


Sprints can help small and mid-sized businesses scale quicker by optimizing their development efforts and budgets. You may try the product design sprint to see how big problems are resolved and new ideas are tested with intuitive solutions. 

Big corporations

Even large, well-established businesses can derive value from the sprint methodology. The latter helps organize resources and test ideas at the early stages of development, thus saving the Project Management and coder resources and moving on with what works. 


Move Confidently Ahead with
Clear Knowledge
of User Needs

Why throw all your resources and staff at a project that hasn’t moved beyond a vague idea yet? It’s much more insightful to validate the idea with a design sprint first, progressing to the development stage after a tangible prototype with a clear set of features gets approved by your target users. Sprints are a handy way to strengthen team collaboration, achieve role clarity in the project, and optimize development processes to achieve a better user experience. 


Our Design Sprint Workflow

We solve complex problems and create innovative solutions during the design sprint.


Define the problem and target audience

The starting step of design sprints is the problem’s definition and target user visualization. You need to be clear about what you’re developing, who this solution is meant for, and which pain point you’re going to address with your product. 


Sketch ideas and user journeys

Once the target audience and product’s purpose are formulated, it’s time to identify use cases and concrete product features. These insights are usually derived from UX research. 


Product prototypes creation

A visually compelling, tangible prototype should showcase all features and traits of your product idea. This way, it can be evaluated by the client in terms of its consistency with the initial product idea.


Validate concept with user testing

Next, the prototype is tested with real users to measure its perceived value and refine the product’s specifications if needed. Revisions are made based on user and stakeholder feedback.


Workshop report with insights

Once all the sprint’s steps are covered, it’s time to make inferences and work out a plan for further work on the project. The sprint ends with a workshop with outcome assessment and planning. 

Reduce product development risks and move on faster with well-designed sprints

Begin your project work on the right foot with Artkai’s product design sprints to achieve clear deliverables and meet your initially set deadlines and expectations. 


Meet the team

A dream team of experts who make meaningful projects happen every day.

Kos Chekanov

Kos Chekanov

Chief Executive Officer

Egor Shakala

Egor Shakala

Chief Operating Officer

Dima Taranik

Dima Taranik

Chief Client Service Officer

Art Tsymbal

Art Tsymbal

Head of Design

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Andrew Efrem

Head of Partnerships

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Victor Chel

Partnership Manager


Feedback that makes sense

Looking for more proof of Artkai’s professional approach to design sprints? Review our satisfied clients’ testimonials to see what they got and how they evaluate our collaboration.

Ketevan Kakheli & Ekaterine Begiashvili

Ketevan Kakheli & Ekaterine Begiashvili

Head of Electronic Banking Service Unit

"Together with their team of experts, we were able to find an improved solution"
Wim Geeroms

Wim Geeroms

Product Owner, Automotive Marketplace

“Artkai’s team delivered excellent quality and professionalism. I would recommend them to entrepreneurs and established businesses alike!”
Jens Martinsen

Jens Martinsen

CEO at TestHub

“We had a discovery phase with Artkai. I highly recommend them for this learning step to everyone who wants to gain more in the long run!”
Judah Musick

Judah Musick

CEO, Tagible / Chief Innovation Officer at Red Rocks

“I’ve worked with many design and development companies, and I can honestly recommend Artkai above all of them.”
Josh Bicknell

Josh Bicknell

Co-Founder & CEO at Balloon Ventures

“The value for money is incredible. Artkai did a great job, and I’d recommend anyone who needs design or development work to look at them.”
Emilio Lando

Emilio Lando

Chief Product Officer at Adverty

“Working with Artkai has been a pleasure. The team is professional, easy to collaborate with, and delivers great results.”
Kevin Byrne

Kevin Byrne

CEO & Founder, BeverageX

“They’ve done an excellent job designing and building what we think will be an innovative and revolutionizing SaaS solution.”