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About the business

Lona was created to help everybody discover the art that they love. While NFT gave a fresh look at the art perception, the main issue not only remained but rather doubled. In the great variety of artworks and new artists, it might be challenging to find those you will admire. At the same time, attracting and converting consumers has never been more challenging for creators.


Project tasks

  • Build a solid marketplace for non-fungible tokens and other digital assets that connects art creators with potential buyers
  • Intergrate a custom quiz into the platform as an ultimate solution to engage and educate the audience of art enthusiasts


Project team

Team: 2 UI/UX designers, 2 Front-end engineers, 2 Back-end engineer, Solutions Architect, DevOps, QA Engineer, Project manager, Business analyst.


months for research and design


months for development and QA

Design and development are done in parallel after the research and discovery phase.


Tech stack



Product development

The Quiz

The primary purpose of the Quiz is to provide a summary explanation of art personality. Practically, it means to guide a user through the enormous world of art and show the vectors or artists whose works would most likely generate interest for the exact person. Apart from art education and discovery purposes, presented results include works for sale placed on the platform.

The Quiz is based on the principles of the philosophy of art combined with emerging research in cognitive psychology and neuroaesthetics. It's built on insights from thousands of participants and selected subject matter experts.

A user is walked through a series of art images that measure taste and preferred visual elements. The quiz score maps against millions of data from art lovers and art pieces, allowing us to craft a specific collection for each user.


Platform features

The platform serves both art collectors and artists. Collectors are presented with a set of industry-established functions. But when it comes to the artists, the platform provides several features that outstandingly benefit creators.

Targeted Market Insights
Driving a meaningful customer engagement

Intensified Lead Generation
Identifying, reaching, and building loyalty of digital patrons

Smart Sales Playbook
Running effective digital art sales and operations


Visual appearance

The look and feel of the platform is dictated by its primary purpose. As education always starts with basics, we combined traditional artworks with up-to-date fonts, animation, and markup. That makes the platform look unique compared to its closest competitors in the industry.




The marketplace MVP is a small-scale project that focuses on such values as quality and individual approach that builds a feeling of intimacy. Lona took a mission of promoting art to a new level and generated a list of thoughtful sales using the combination of technology and human touch.


times the quiz has been taken within the first month


buyers connected with artist through the platform