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Artkai is your trusted blockchain smart contract development agency focused on your success. Use our smart contract expertise to excel in the blockchain niche.

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Harness the power of smart contract technology in your cutting-edge project with Artkai

Using our blockchain smart contract development services ensures a bright future for your crypto project. Artkai specialists have many years of hands-on experience and domain-specific expertise in DeFi smart contract development to create stellar solutions for your business. Cutting-edge technology use and dedication to quality guarantee robust performance and ultimate security for your startup or functioning digital product.


Our Smart Contract
Development services

Smart contract architecture

We help clients automate asset transfers and contract creation without intermediary involvement. Our smart contracts operate on distributed ledgers and virtual tech to make user transactions safe and instant.

Smart contract design and development

Our team can design the smart contract logic and conditions for your blockchain project in compliance with your business needs and technical requirements. Enjoy top-quality, timely smart contract development services at Artkai.

Smart contract audit

We audit all smart contracts before your project’s launch to ensure the absence of vulnerabilities and critical glitches. You can order an audit for a project before deployment or test the already functioning project for smart contract bugs.

Smart contract optimization

Suboptimal smart contracts can be costly to the project owner and users, as they consume too much gas on-chain and take time to self-execute. We can optimize smart contracts by improving their architecture to achieve optimal performance.

Smart contracts for dApps

Decentralized apps operate based on the logic written in their smart contracts. You can launch a dApp with the help of Artkai blockchain engineers, ensuring that it meets the user needs and delivers a complete application experience.

Smart contracts for digital wallets

Digital wallets in DeFi should operate on well-designed, robust smart contracts to guarantee smooth and safe p2p transactions. Artkai coders can build smart contracts for your wallet project with proper regard to top industry standards.


Smart Contracts Application

Real Estate

Smart contracts have many applications in real estate, as they help increase the assets’ liquidity, shorten the time for transactions, allow asset sale in parts (tokenization), and ensure data transparency about every real estate item.


Smart contracts in healthcare apps allow quick user and provider authorization, protect patient data privacy, and ensure quick access to full patient records. They promise improvements in cumbersome data management processes.


Supply chains are increasingly complex today, preventing effective inventory management and item tracking. Smart contracts remove these bottlenecks from supply chain management and add transparency across the entire supply chain.

Trade finance

Crypto trading, personal finance management, wealth management apps, and e-wallets use smart contract technology to complete p2p transactions without intermediary oversight, guaranteeing security for both parties.


Smart contracts improve insurance quality and safety for all involved stakeholders. They help providers track insurance claims, avoid claim fraud and duplication, and ensure that both parties are held accountable.


Smart contracts can substitute traditional legal contracts because they also serve as binding agreements between two parties. Smart contract technology can be used for legal arrangements without third-party involvement.

Use our expertise to get the upper hand in the blockchain market

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Why your business needs
smart contracts


Smart contract technology is a secure, innovative way to fix an agreement between two parties without an intermediary. Contracts are immutable and immune to manipulation, so they guarantee full security of parties’ compliance with the agreement terms.


Smart contracts allow infinite detailing of contractual terms for both parties, self-executing only after all terms have been met. It is impossible to trigger the smart contract’s execution if some contractual obligations are skipped.

Storage & Backup

Smart contracts can be a safe and reliable medium for essential data storage and backup. They are intact to change from outside and cannot be forged, thus representing a trustworthy source of original information for all purposes.

No intermediaries

The best feature smart contracts offer is a lack of intermediary oversight, which comes without reliability compromises. A smart contract can’t be hacked, so this technology takes the need for costly go-between guarantees out of any p2p transactions.

Financial savings

The involvement of intermediaries, like legal firms or banks, always comes with extra charges. Smart contracts help users save money, as they require no costly oversight of your p2p transaction, covering all contractual terms in detail.


Smart contract development and deployment use cutting-edge technology. Still, it is pretty fast on the user side, giving your customers a convenient method for safe, instant transactions with other participants in the crypto space.