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Web3 Development Services

Leverage the disruptive potential of blockchain, cryptography, and decentralization thanks to Artkai’s expertise as a Web3 development company. Remove intermediaries, manage assets, protect intellectual property on a new level, and foster trust through smart contracts. 

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Web3 Development Services
We Provide

As a Web3 development firm, Artkai delivers multiple types of dApps.

Smart contract development

Create and deploy custom smart contracts – self-executing programs with predefined rules and conditions, automatically enforced on the blockchain. They enable secure and transparent automation of various business processes.

Metaverse development

Build and implement immersive digital environments where users interact and engage with each other in a virtual world. Turn to blockchain, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and decentralized networks to build interconnected and persistent virtual spaces with their economies, identities, and social interactions.

Web3 gaming development

Develop P2E (play-to-earn) and NFT-based multiplayer games. Get a full-scale game with its satellite products like Axie Infinity, GodsUnchained, or CryptoKitties with a well-thought-out rewards system and a listed token.

NFT creation and marketplace development

Mint non-fungible tokens with any digital collectibles and create collections. Showcase the artworks on your tailored custodial, non-custodial, niche, or universal NFT marketplace.

DeFi development

DeFi has emerged as a prominent sector within Web3. It offers decentralized financial applications for lending, borrowing, staking, and trading. Our Web3 development services company creates centralized and decentralized exchanges, wallets, protocols, and other products unlocking the blockchain potential.

Asset tokenization and STO

Tokenize various assets and transfer ownership to the blockchain. Our team ensures tokens’ security and conducts Security Token Offerings. We work with real estate, natural resources, and other industries’ assets.

Blockchain Integration

Integrate existing systems and platforms with blockchain networks. We enable businesses to leverage the benefits of decentralized technology while maintaining compatibility with their current infrastructure.

NTT and self-sovereign identity

Mint and integrate a non-transferable token (NTT) that constitutes the user identity. We can create an SSI identity system and build infrastructure for users’ identity authentication from scratch (or integrate it with the existing one).


Our Web3 Development Process

Artkai delivers Web3 development services with due diligence and precision in development. We start with advisory, taking you on the SDLC journey with our guidance. Here are the core steps we usually go through when working on such projects.


Ideation and Planning

Initially, Artkai defines the project goals, requirements, and target audience with you. We strive to understand your primary needs and objectives. This way, our team identifies the specific use case for Web3 technology and selects the appropriate blockchain platform. Also, we determine the future product’s functionalities and features.


UI/UX Design

Once we clarify the project specifics, our designers embody the interface. The website or product's user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) rely on the elicited requirements, UX research, and stakeholders’ input. We first show the mockups and wireframes and move on to the complete UI/UX design, sharing the progress with you.


Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are programmable code deployed on the blockchain that governs the rules and logic of the application. This step involves writing, testing, and deploying smart contracts on the selected blockchain platform.


Front-end and Back-end Development

When the architecture and smart contracts are ready, our Web3 development team implements the application’s front-end and back-end components. Front-end development focuses on creating the user interface. Meanwhile, back-end development involves building the necessary server-side logic, data storage, and integration with the blockchain network.


Integration and Testing

Artkai’s engineers integrate the developed components and test the application's functionalities. It includes testing the interaction between the front-end and back-end and validating smart contracts’ behavior. Besides, we conduct comprehensive testing to ensure the application functions as intended. Finally, we perform security audits and code reviews to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

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Deployment and Launch

We prepare the application for deployment once the development and testing phases are complete. Artkai assists in deploying the application on the chosen blockchain network or decentralized infrastructure. This stage involves configuring the necessary settings, deploying smart contracts, and making the application accessible to end users.


Maintenance and Updates

Implementing security measures to protect media content from unauthorized access, piracy, or copyright infringementWe provide ongoing maintenance and support after the launch. Our team monitors the application's performance and addresses any bugs or issues. Then, we implement updates or enhancements based on user feedback and changing requirements. We continue to work closely with you to ensure the application remains secure, functional, and aligned with the evolving business needs.. This includes encryption, digital rights management systems, access controls, and content watermarking.


Benefits Of Our Web3
Development Services

Web3 development services have the potential to revolutionize
your business in a myriad of ways. Here are the most compelling
benefits of such solutions.

Boost Trust and Provide Transparency

Leverage blockchain technology to provide an immutable and transparent transaction record. This transparency fosters trust among users since they can verify and validate data and transactions without relying on a central authority. It also enables auditable and traceable supply chains, secure voting systems, and verifiable digital identities.

Intellectual Property Protection

Your business in creative industries, like art, music, and gaming, can harness the potential of enhanced intellectual property protection Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) offer. They enable secure ownership and provenance of digital assets. Therefore, you can address the intellectual property protection challenge. Provide a verifiable record of ownership to prevent unauthorized duplication or infringement of digital assets. 

Tap into Innovation and Dynamic Business Models

Open up new avenues for innovation and disruptive business models. Explore tokenization, decentralized marketplaces, novel incentive, and rewarding models in Metaverse. Create unique digital assets and develop new markets. Discover the potential for new business models that weren’t feasible in the traditional centralized paradigm.

Tackle Data Privacy and Security Concerns

Traditional systems often store user data in centralized databases. It makes them vulnerable to security breaches and data leaks. Web3 emphasizes self-sovereign identity and data ownership, giving users greater control over their personal information. Leveraging decentralized identity solutions and cryptographic techniques enhances data security. It also protects user privacy and builds a more secure digital ecosystem.

Broaden Access to Financial Services

Many individuals and businesses have limited access to traditional financial services, particularly in underserved regions. The realm of decentralized finance (DeFi) provides open and inclusive access to financial services. Use DeFi protocols to offer lending, borrowing, and investment opportunities to a broader audience, promoting financial inclusivity.

Enable Direct P2P Engagement and Reduce Intermediaries

Facilitate direct peer-to-peer interactions without intermediaries who flood traditional banking and financial systems. Save operational costs and time, eliminate unnecessary fees, reduce friction, and enhance efficiency with smart contracts and decentralized networks.

Build Web3 Apps with Experts

Unlock the decentralized future and discover new business models with the power of blockchain technology. Artkai’s expertise in Web3 development services will deliver tailored applications that integrate seamlessly with the blockchain. Build a solution ensuring transparency, security, and immutability for business operations. Integrate NFTs, tap into decentralized finance, and leverage other fruits of decentralization within your digital ecosystem. Give value to your customers like never before.

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Feedback is breakfast of champions

Being a part of 100+ challenging projects is inspiring for us. Check out what our customers say about us.

Ketevan Kakheli & Ekaterine Begiashvili

Ketevan Kakheli & Ekaterine Begiashvili

Head of Electronic Banking Service Unit

"Together with their team of experts, we were able to find an improved solution"
Wim Geeroms

Wim Geeroms

Product Owner, Automotive Marketplace

“Artkai’s team delivered excellent quality and professionalism. I would recommend them to entrepreneurs and established businesses alike!”
Jens Martinsen

Jens Martinsen

CEO at TestHub

“We had a discovery phase with Artkai. I highly recommend them for this learning step to everyone who wants to gain more in the long run!”
Judah Musick

Judah Musick

CEO, Tagible / Chief Innovation Officer at Red Rocks

“I’ve worked with many design and development companies, and I can honestly recommend Artkai above all of them.”
Josh Bicknell

Josh Bicknell

Co-Founder & CEO at Balloon Ventures

“The value for money is incredible. Artkai did a great job, and I’d recommend anyone who needs design or development work to look at them.”
Emilio Lando

Emilio Lando

Chief Product Officer at Adverty

“Working with Artkai has been a pleasure. The team is professional, easy to collaborate with, and delivers great results.”


Our Collaboration Models


Time & Material

That's the most affordable and flexible model for companies wishing to close some minor technical tasks. You only pay the staff's hourly rates and can get an experienced Artkai coder, designer, or tester on board for a few days to resolve a challenge. 


Dedicated Team

If you have larger tasks for us or experience a tech stack gap in your company, it's reasonable to consider the dedicated team's recruitment. A separate team is compiled at Artkai in line with your project needs to work together with your in-house staff and solve the tasks at hand. 


Project-Based Work

Why overload your in-house team with the development work if you can outsource the entire project to us? Project-based arrangements give full responsibility for project management and tracking to the Artkai team, allowing you to focus on the core business activities. 


Awards & Recognition

Leading review and rating platforms say we are the top development company. We don’t mind.

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Top Blockchain Company Ukraine 2023

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Top ReactJS Developers Kyiv 2023

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Why Choose Artkai for Web3

We always handle every project with care and guarantee deep involvement of all team members. No stress, no mess! Artkai team plans thoroughly, develops efficiently, and delivers easily due to great communication, Agile methodology and personalized approach to each client.

Mature workflow

We always handle every project with care and guarantee deep involvement of all team members. No stress, no mess! Artkai team plans thoroughly, develops efficiently, and delivers easily due to great communication, Agile methodology and personalized approach to each client.

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UX & Engineering Talents

Turn all your bold ideas and innovative vision into reality with our talented design and engineering experts. We wrap high-quality code into a trendy and user-friendly design to impress even the most demanding users.

Accurate Estimations
& Predictable Delivery

Get no more unpleasant surprises, project delays or cost overruns! With our team everything always goes smoothly and according to plan. We set realistic timelines and provide accurate estimations, so that you can allocate all resources effectively and mitigate many development risks.

Easy & Quick Team Scaling

Scale-up efficiently and boost your product development together with Artkai team. Our collaborative skills are just iconic! You will get access to a wide pool of tech talents and high-class designers who will cover all development gaps in your in-house team.

Legal and Financial Guarantees

When partnering with Artkai, you never get into legal or financial hassle or problems. We offer contracts for companies within the U.S. and UK jurisdiction and manage all payments through our official payment channels for transparent reporting and taxation.

Cross-Platform Expertise

Build intuitive and feature-rich cross-platform solutions with Artkai to reach out to a wider audience and power up your business. We use advanced technologies and tools to deliver apps that provide native-like experience and work seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms.


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