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DevOps Services and Solutions

Save time and money on software development with DevOps consulting service by Artkai. Work with our experts to implement the best DevOps practices and reach new productivity heights.

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Evolve into a High-Tech DevOps Company

DevOps is a great option for automating and coordinating your entire SDLC with the best security, testing, and deployment practices in mind. Artkai will help diagnose your company’s DevOps needs, develop an optimal transition roadmap, and give your software development pipeline a new edge in automation, agility, and continuity.


Our DevOps Services


CI/CD solutions inherent in the DevOps approach help companies achieve advanced automation of integration and delivery processes without duplication of effort or code redundancy, thus speeding up development and enhancing code quality.

Infrastructure Management

Artkai experts can set up a fully automated monitoring system for your development processes to ensure the dev environment’s stability, testability, and timely error alerts. These efforts are sure to shorten the SDLC and improve the product’s quality.

Security Management

Improve your data security across the SDLC with innovative DevSecOps solutions. We can enhance your threat prevention system and ensure compliance monitoring at all software development stages.

Assessment & Strategic Planning

We help businesses assess their current IT infrastructure and identify the critical DevOps integration needs to achieve optimal results in compliance with their company’s existing resources and business strategy.

Assessment & Strategic Planning

We help businesses assess their current IT infrastructure and identify the critical DevOps integration needs to achieve optimal results in compliance with their company’s existing resources and business strategy.

Automated Testing

We can embed automated testing tools into your development pipeline to achieve quicker release checks, deliver consistent feedback, and ensure regular check frequency to reduce errors.

Docker & Kubernetes Integration

Docker & Kubernetes provide ready-made DevOps environments that your company can benefit from after successful integration. We can share our experiences and best practices in Docker/Kubernetes use with your team.


Why Opt for the DevOps
Automation Service?

Cut Costs

You achieve an impressive degree of automation using DevOps, making your processes easily manageable, error-free, and faster, requiring smaller teams for proper control.

Speed Up Time-to-Market

DevOps integration promises better velocity of your software development processes and guarantees more frequent product releases across the CI/CD pipeline.

Enhance Security

Security improves with compliance policy automation and predefined control integration, which are part and parcel of your company’s DevOps transformation.

Boost Product Delivery Quality

An automated CI/CD pipeline guarantees better software availability, resilience, and fault tolerance, which come with superior product quality.

Improve Scalability

The use of DevOps tools improves your ability to scale processes without friction and downtime, using the agency’s automated processes with ease and speed.

Increase Stakeholder Transparency

The DevOps framework makes all SDLC processes transparent and understandable for all stakeholders, thus enhancing the pipeline’s visibility.


Why Choose Artkai as Your DevOps Solutions Provider?

Artkai is a DevOps solutions and services provider with a solid reputation and many years of domain-specific expertise in the digital market. We have an expert team of DevOps engineers ready to conduct an in-depth assessment of your business architecture and DevOps needs, offering DevOps transition solutions flexibly tailored to your unique business context.


Devops Implementation Processes

We follow a rigorous process of setting up the DevOps development services. Here is our transparent pipeline for client review.


SDLC Audit

We conduct an end-to-end audit of your current software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) to diagnose operational issues and identify the best approach to DevOps integration to meet your business needs.


Business Requirements Overview

Our DevOps engineers negotiate the DevOps integration roadmap with the client to ensure that our suggested solutions meet their business requirements and serve their business strategy for scaling and performance enhancement.


DevOps Architecture Design

Artkai experts design the fully operational model of the client’s DevOps framework and develop an incremental plan for DevOps integration without the client’s dev pipeline’s downtime.


IT Infrastructure

We introduce the DevOps functionality into the existing IT infrastructure and check how it works with the existing IT processes and resources to ensure a seamless transition to DevOps tools.


CI/CD Integration

Artkai engineers introduce the CI/CD tools into the client’s SDLC, add artifact management, employ disposable agents, and integrate config as code to shorten the dev time and simplify deployment.


DevOps Maintenance

The final stage of our collaboration presupposes the oversight of the DevOps framework’s correct operation without downtime or friction in line with the initially negotiated performance targets.

Transition to a DevOps Services Company with Artkai’s Help

If you’re interested in the automation and productivity potential offered by DevOps, Artkai experts are ready to help you integrate the complex DevOps framework into your production processes. Contact us for a consultation and get all details explained at a virtual meeting with our CTO.