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Financial wellness application

Building a first-of-its-kind digital financial wellness solution targeting B2B clients exclusively.

Custom Business App
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About the business

Red Rocks Credit Union is a full-service financial institution that offers competitive deposit & loan products along with quality member service. The company's mission is: "Financial wellness journey made easy." To propel this mission and grow their clientele, the founders came up with an idea of a Red Rocks application — a digital financial wellness solution targeted at B2B clients exclusively.

This concept stands out because it has no analogs on the market. While various financial applications solved the same problems, they all concentrated on B2C users. As for the enterprise sector, there was no all-in-one financial wellness app for this customer type. That's where the Red Rocks app wins the competition, creating a unique challenge for Artkai.

The owners chose to pilot this idea in the U.S. and potentially expand the offering to the U.K. and Europe.


Project tasks

The tasks steam from the Red Rocks mission, which can be characterized as the following statements:



Target customers are the companies interested in the financial well-being of their employees


Financial Guidance

The app is a simple know-how companion in financial wellness and lifestyle of employees


Community Support

Financial support and a reliable environment in the work community


Performance Increase

Employees are not worried about financial problems, thus they focus more on work


Project team

Team: UI/UX designer, 2 Front-end engineers, Back-end engineer, Solutions Architect, DevOps, QA engineer, Project manager, Business analyst


months for research and design


months for front-end and back-end development

Design and development are done in parallel after the research and discovery phase.


Tech stack





















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01 Red rocks_1-min

Red Rocks.


Product development

Research phase & Product discovery

We helped to bring this concept to life, providing expertise in research, UX/UI, business analysis, gamification, testing & pre-development activities. We offered comprehensive and robust solutions based on the data-driven approach that combined the following:

  • Understanding the industry.
    Digging deeper into the client’s perspective of the research problem, surveying the target audience to clarify the solution objectives & goals, and developing the experience map and key personas.
  • Mapping customer journey.
    Focuses on a particular user's experience in a certain scenario with a specific goal. The task is to understand where the weak points in the solution appear now in the context of the actions performed.
  • High-fidelity prototyping for IOS application.
    From the design on the structural level to micro-interaction animations — the Artkai team nailed 400+ screens combined in the key user flows of the system.
  • Testing the experience.
    Testing helped the team to understand how to adapt the onboarding for users — the Journey concept is quite complicated to explain, so we tried several possible approaches to onboarding’s storytelling.

Platform functionality

The idea behind the app was that companies that are interested in their employees' financial well-being invest in the Red Rocks application. With our product, we helped to achieve the following goals:


For C-level representatives:

  • Facilitate employee engagement programs in the company
  • Propel in-company communication
  • Support new & existing employee engagement programs: 401(k), health insurance, charity programs
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the engagement programs
  • Boost financial intelligence across the company
  • Increase employees' loyalty and performance at work and dedicating all their focus towards their day-to-day operations

For employees:

  • Localize and solve their financial needs
  • Improve their financial habits
  • Gradually eliminate existing debt
  • Gain control over their finances
  • Realize their financial goals

Gamification elements

A reward is a thing given in recognition of something. The goal of the product is to help users become financially healthy. To achieve it, users are motivated by receiving various Rewards from Red Rocks: monetary rewards, discounts, and unexpected gifts. Users also get recognition in the app with badges. Below are some examples.

Following dreams

Following dreams
Saving is the key to financial wellness — great start!

Accounts setting up

Accounts setting up
Connect your banking accounts to start the Journey.

First steps

First steps accomplished
Making your first steps to financial wellness is hard!

Share your achivments

Share your achievements
Tell your colleagues about your progress — share a post!


Share your caring with others to overcome their roadblocks.

Pay off Loans

Pay off loans
Become a free person — eliminate all your debts away!

IOS application

For the presentation, we developed a high-fidelity prototype. It is a computer-based interactive representation of the product in its closest resemblance to the final design in terms of details and functionality. From the design on the structural level to micro-interaction animations – the Artkai design team nailed it all.

02 Red rocks_2-min

Red Rocks.

Usability testing

As the Journey concept presented by the client was quite difficult to explain, we had to test several possible approaches to onboarding storytelling. The testing helped us understand how to adapt the onboarding for the users to understand the central concept.

Visual Identity

During the visual conceptualization, our designers solved the challenge of a "white-label" application — a type of application that can be customized and rebranded according to the organization's needs.

Our team provided the concept of the customizable design connecting it with iOS guidelines but still keeping the emotional message that the app needs to translate.

03 Red rocks_3-min

Red Rocks.



Savings, wealth building & investing are the core of potential users' interests. After the release, the solution received lots of positive feedback across the companies. It shows that due to the constantly evolving global downturns, there's a huge need for the society for this kind of solution.

The Journey is not over yet – we're going to integrate even more functionality into the app and expand its financial wellness habit-building ecosystem.

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