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Digital Transformation for Energy Sector Enterprise

Transforming a paper-based reporting system into an online account-based consumption and bill management system.

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About the business

DTEK is a Ukrainian energy distribution system operator working to advance the health and prosperity of Ukrainian society. DTEK’s objective was to simplify electric bills management and payment systems.

Artkai helped DTEK execute an agile, digitally informed, and design-focused solution. DTEK now provides its customers with better access to detailed information, and DTEK helps its customers gain control of their energy consumption to reduce costs.


Project tasks

  • To build an online customer portal for private and business clients with multifunctional and intuitive interface for easy access to both DTEK account summary and detail information
  • High security and fault tolerance requirements, stable performance under 1 million+ users per day; SAP CRM and SAP ISU integrations
  • Increase the quality of the Customer Experience & services to reduce the number to support center calls
  • Reduce paper consumption and operational costs, eliminate third-party transaction fees, cut red tape, and streamline operations


Project team

Team: 2 UI/UX designers, 3 Front-end engineers, 3 Back-end engineers, SAP WebServices Engineer, Solutions Architect, DevOps, 2 QA engineers, Project manager, Business analyst.


months for research and design


months for development and QA

Design and development are done in parallel after the research and discovery phase.


Tech stack



Based on the client’s requirements, we have built a solution architecture, enabling theses functions allowing to:

  • Effectively exchange information between front-end and back-end clusters
  • Send and receive data without causing a denial of service for the SAP server under high load
  • Distribute the load across all components of the system
  • Cache the data needed
  • Securely store user information

DTEK. Architecture.


DTEK. Mobile UI.


Product development

We conducted a series of interviews with different representatives of the target audience and an on-site workshop with the DTEK team to understand their customers' business objectives.

We summarised the results as requirements for the future platform development:

  • Payments history, review the previous meter readings to see the dynamic of the energy consumption throughout a year
  • Receive uncluttered, easy-to-navigate bills with all the relevant information on them and the ability to pay them remotely
  • Easily keeping up with current debt, relevant fees, charges, and planned power outages
  • As a result - to create positive customer interactions and simplify communication and information sharing. Avoiding talking on the phone in case of a power outage or any other issue

Product Features & Functionality

Energy consumption management

  • Report meter readings
  • Review historical usage information, yearly and monthly usage data and energy-efficiency benchmarks
  • Receive efficiency tips, learn about rebates,
  • and sign up for energy-efficiency consultations

Electronic bills and payments management

  • Analyze bills, compare rates, pay online, view payment history, make billing queries, and view payment options
  • Contact support via digital channels on bill-related questions

Self-service options

  • Enter and log customer service requests anytime and check the status on the go
  • Manage supply contracts when changing residency
  • Connect in real-time with the operator and receive status updates on self-services

Design system

We created a design system to accommodate the needs of different age groups of the target audience. We tested multiple fonts, font sizes, contrast levels, and color schemes. We also carefully chose a large primary font size to ensure content readability for older audiences.

DTEK. Design system.



Increased in the number of concluded contracts for electricity consumption

Reduced the number of requests to the customer support center in 3 times

Increased CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) x1,5 times


Client review