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SaaS platform for the HR/recruitment teams in small & medium companies

A single place to manage job vacancies  and candidate pipelines.

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About the business

Cruitment is a SaaS that helps to manage career pages and the candidate pipelines for each job.

According to the research, this concept has often been used to scam people. Therefore, one of our critical tasks was to relaunch the existing market by introducing and implementing a new technological groundwork to build a user-centric, long-lasting system for people to enjoy and benefit from.


Project tasks

  • Сreate a new Visual Identity for the brand
  • Build a SaaS with two individual user flows for recruiters and candidates to solve different problems


Project team

Team: Art Director, UI/UX designer, 2 Front-end engineers, 2 Back-end engineers, Solutions Architect, DevOps, QA engineer, Project manager, Business analyst.


months for research and design


months for development and QA

Design and development are done in parallel after the research and discovery phase.


Tech stack


Product development

Product structure

We’ve built a whole structure of the app based on user needs and their pain points. We closely collaborated with stakeholders to come up with relevant solutions and userflow.

Cruitment. Product structure.

Platform functionality

The functionality is built around Recruiters and their needs. They have different tasks, and their pipelines differ from company to company. Thus, we've made their flow easily customizable.

  • Customizable pipeline based on the process with a slick drag-and-drop interface
  • Kanban board gives an overview of the recruitment progresses in one single-board view
  • Pin function helps to prioritize the available jobs as needed
  • Customizable reports to meet the organization needs and to help find places for improvements
  • Adjustable notifications keep user updated on events and new applications

Cruitment. Cards.

Candidates don't require a lot of interaction with the platform. They want to find a relevant job and fill in all required info in the forms quickly and conveniently.

  • Search and sort relevant jobs
  • Apply for interviews
  • Review the feedback

Cruitment. Candidate’s page.

Cruitment. User flows.

Brand identity

We also created a new Brand Identity as a visual basis for the platform and brand. We wanted to use clear visual design without any distractions and with helpful color coding because the Recruiters will use the solution for hours every day.

We've chosen a friendly font with a connotation to dialogue between recruiters and candidates. It combines the seriousness of a classic style and at the same time shows openness & dynamism. The colors reinforce the credibility of the brand.

Cruitment. Logo.

Cruitment. Colors and fonts.

Marketing website

The final part of the work incorporated various marketing materials, including a promo website and illustrations.

Cruitment. Landing page.



Increased the pool of candidates 3 times

Increased the number of accepted offers by 2

Reduced CPA (Cost per Applicant) by 1,5 on average among recruitment teams