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A Cross-Platform Taxi App For Instant Ride Requests in UK

A cross-platform mobile application for taxi riders to have an alternative to the Uber monopoly in the British market.

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About the business

Cordic is a leading fleet management SaaS provider to UK taxis. They have been connecting British taxi drivers and passengers
demand an app for many years. Their old, once fairly functional and helpful application could no longer compete with Uber and other technologically advanced companies.

We were helping Cordic to build a solution that would enable them to take rapid actions and withstand market turbulence. Modern, technologically advanced software could give additional business opportunities.

  • Adding an extra revenue stream by renting their software to other taxi fleets.
  • Ensuring customer retention and driving user acquisition
  • Increasing market share and remaining competitive


Project tasks

  • To develop a cross-platform mobile application with a modern, reliable and visually appealing interface to be used by passengers of taxis
  • To create a White Label solution, allowing Cordic clients to integrate own branding, customize functionality and adjust settings to the needs of their passengers
  • To make sure the design system allows for consistency, high usability and compliance with minimum standards for approval to the App Store & Google Play across all client apps


Project team

Team: 2 UI/UX designers, 2 Front-end engineers, DevOps, QA engineers, Project manager, Business analyst.


months for research and design


months for development and QA

Design and development are done in parallel after the research and discovery phase.


Tech stack

Cordic Passenger. Mobile app.


Product development

Research phase & Product discovery

We visited the client's office in England to host a workshop with the Cordic team. We have identified their major issues and ultimate objectives, determined technical requirements, and gained insights about their current and target audience's needs, peculiar habits, and pain points.

White label solution

The app was developed as a White Label Solution. We created
a design system that would enable customization of every look and feel to different brand specifications, facilitate the integration of various tools and processes across multiple touchpoints and deliver a seamless, instantly recognizable user experience.

Customizable features

Ride Settings: vehicle type, pick up time, adding stops, the payment type

Additional Ride Requirements:
non-smoking, suitable for children, pet-friendly, etc.

Preliminary Fare Estimates, based on pick-up and drop-off locations

Multiple payment methods
adding and editing the payment type

Quick access
to Recent Locations and Rides History

Ability to book a ride ahead of time

Ridesharing option, allowing friends to track a ride until completion

Easily accessible SOS button in case of emergencies

Driver rating and review system

To ensure meaningful collaboration and strong teamwork, we have been communicating with the client on a daily basis. And at the end of each Sprint, we presented our findings, results and solutions. Once approved and designed, we have uploaded final screens
to Zeplin App, thereby, providing developers with necessary sizes, spacing, fonts etc.

Cordic Passengers. Mobile interfaces.

Cordic Passenger. App promotion.



Сlean and intuitive interface while providing a full range of features a leading taxi application should present.

The technology-focused application with empathy on safety features: tracking a ride and SOS button in case of emergencies.

Meeting client's requirements to rapidly build a passenger-side application to test in within the existing product ecosystem


Client review