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Building The First Nationwide Online
Marketplace For Used Cars In Sweden

The platform that reinvents the car selling and buying experience for good.

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About the business

In the age of continuous digital transformation, the Swedish market for buying and selling personal cars somehow got trapped in time. One had to go through the pain of tedious, time-consuming, and highly confusing processes.
CarDrop aimed to reinvent the car selling and buying experience. The idea was to bring the market to a new place — online. We worked with a Swedish startup to help it build the first nationwide online marketplace for car trades with minimal physical engagement from users.


Project tasks

To create a new Visual Identity for the brand and marketing website to support the product.

To build a Web-based Marketplace with two separate branches of user flow: sellers and buyers. The product should have a complete, simple, quick, and effortless user journey throughout the platform, with minimum or no physical involvement in the process for sellers and buyers.


Project team

Team: Art Director, 2 UI/UX designers, 2 Front-end engineers, 2 Back-end engineers, Solutions Architect, DevOps, QA engineers, Project manager, Business analyst.


months for research and design


months for development and QA

Design and development are done in parallel after the research and discovery phase.


Tech stack


Product development

Research phase & Product discovery

We have studied CarDrop’s customers from every angle: from their needs and goals through their pain points and concerns right
to their typical buying cycles. Both selling and buying processes they were used to appeared to be rather risky, confusing and even aggravating.

From the thorough competitive research and analysis, we have learned that the existing options were providing very little
or no opportunity for current and future car owners to benefit from a deal.

Platform functionality

We have introduced two separate user flows, guiding sellers and buyers through the selling and buying processes accordingly. Each flow represented a set of tailored step-by-step instructions based
on user needs and expectations. We have stripped away the needless operations, leaving the most relevant stages for a user to go through.

Seller functionality
Quickly create a car evaluation request and fill in the information about

  • car characteristics
  • estimated price
  • sale terms
  • add attachments with the accompanying letter and photos

After that, the seller receives confirmation from the experts, and then the Cardrop starts looking for the right buyer.

CarDrop. Seller page.

Buyer functionality

  • advanced filtering and sorting (body type, make, price, transmission, fuel type, color, transmission, year, mileage)
  • finding the car with the suitable characteristics

The buyer can see the list of options and sort it out to find what he requires to proceed with the buying process.

CarDrop. Buyer page.

Brand-Specific Visual Identity

CarDrop is a unique service allowing users to buy and sell their cars right from their homes. As if it was magic. As if the cars were delivered, dropped, or picked up with a giant air balloon.

CarDrop. Logo design.

An air balloon, magically dropping and picking up cars from and into the sky is exactly what inspired our Logo Design, translating the advantages of CarDrop.

CarDrop. Identity.

We created a clean, minimalistic identity, defining CarDrop’s core purpose and emphasizing the value of clarity and simplicity this project celebrates. It’s concise. It gets to the point. It doesn’t make
a complex thing too complicated. It keeps things pretty and functional.

CarDrop. Identity use.

A crisp modern typeface along with fresh colors and patterns helps users quickly grasp the brand’s mood. Every element was designed with the intent to support and articulate CarDrop’s unique brand narrative.

CarDrop. Colors and fonts.



Today Cardrop offers a convenient and trustworthy service, underpinned with remarkably streamlined operations and an utterly space simplified processes of selling or buying cars. Its customers
no longer need to go through the pain of boring, time-consuming and extremely confusing experience.

With substantially simplified user flows as well as a clear and intuitive interface, Cardrop allows getting the best deals possible with minimum effort and no risk.


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