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Advertising platform for VR & AR content

Bringing advertisers and publishers together through the leading in-game platform.

Marketing Website
Web App


About the business

Adverty is the leading in-game platform that connects brands and people through its revolutionary display advertising technology built for games. It challenges the traditional banner ad monetization, which interferes with the gameplay and steals screen space. Adverty addresses this issue by allowing seamless ads to be merged with level design and displayed unobtrusively. That makes the experience significantly enjoyable for players.

The platform offers in-game ad inventory at scale and allows content creators to monetize the complete experience with unobtrusive, easy-to-integrate, immersive ads. Founded in 2016, Adverty has offices in Stockholm, London, New York, Madrid, Helsinki, and Lviv and works with advertisers, agencies, and developers to unlock audiences and gaming revenue streams.


Project tasks

  • Design and develop an advertising platform for AR &VR native ads, keeping in mind the product must be easy to handle for all types of users with any proficiency level
  • Improve and redesign marketing website and adapt it for mobile devices


Project team

Team: UI/UX designer, 2 Front-end engineers, QA engineer, Project manager, Business analyst.


months for discovery and design


months for development and QA

Design and development are done in parallel after the research and discovery phase.


Tech stack



















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Product development

Separate User flows

Each user type has a different "Jobs to be done." That forms various functions and information displayed: budget, advertising types, campaigns' info, etc. We came up with several users flows that included the admin's functionality.


Adverty. Userflow.


Advertiser functionality
The Advertiser can create and run advertising campaigns, manage different specifications, and post ads into apps. What was important was to develop a functional Dashboard that provides the Advertiser with a complete understanding of his campaign context and surroundings. Thus, it reduces the time for figuring out settings and allows focus on the effectiveness of campaigns. 

  • Create and run advertising campaigns:
    Advertisers can create and manage advertising campaigns, set up the budget, target audience, and ad format.
  • Manage campaign specifications:
    Advertisers can set up campaign specifications like ad placement, ad size, ad frequency, and other relevant details.
  • Post ads into apps:
    Advertisers can choose which apps they want their ads to be displayed in and post their ads into those apps.
  • Dashboard:
    The platform provides a dashboard that offers the advertiser a complete understanding of the campaign context, including the performance of the ads, audience reach, and other relevant data.
  • Real-time tracking:
    The platform provides real-time tracking of ad performance, allowing advertisers to adjust their campaigns based on the data.

Adverty. Dashboard.


Adverty. Apps.


Publisher functionality
The primary purpose of the Publisher is to add apps to the platform and earn money from ad views and interactions. Adverty’s patented algorithm analyzes and utilizes the user’s field of view during the play. That gives the Publisher a transparent understanding of how effectively the ad is displayed. 

  • Add apps to the platform:
    Publishers can add their apps to the platform and enable in-game advertising in their apps.
  • Monetizing the complete experience:
    The solution allows publishers to monetize the complete experience with unobtrusive, easy-to-integrate, immersive ads.
  • Patented algorithm:
    The algorithm analyzes and utilizes the user's field of view during the game, ensuring that ads are displayed unobtrusively and do not interfere with the gameplay.
  • Transparent reporting:
    The platform provides transparent reporting on ad performance, allowing publishers to track revenue earned from ad views and interactions.

Visual communication

As Adverty helps to place advertising inside the games, our design team uses glowing elements in typography and buttons for the platform and website. It's aimed at setting the right mood and building associations on the emotional level. We combined the graphical "multilayered" elements with the visual attributes of VR, advertising, and gaming: game characters, VR glasses, and consoles that appear from those "additional layers of perception."


Adverty. Colors and fonts.


Marketing Website

While working on the promotional website, we strived to build a certain first impression. We followed the idea that VR is an "additional layer" of our reality. A new world with a different sense of presence: is mysterious and fascinating, with dozens of virtual worlds and places where brands can advertise. 


Adverty. Website.

Mobile version

For the advertising platform desktop version is the main priority. However, it was still essential to develop a version for mobile devices. That's how we could provide all types of users quick access to all website features.


Adverty. Mobile.




Our UX-oriented approach and deep understanding of the business tasks allowed us to create a holistic product with an innovative, outstanding interface that is now driving consistent user engagement and constant interaction with the platform.


More importantly, we helped to shift the client mindset from worrying about the integrity of the platform providers to focusing on their capacity to make profits. As a result, convinced investors of the immense potential this project had yet to realize.


Client review

Emilio Lando
CTO, Adverty

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