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June 13, 2023

Why Design Outstaffing Is Essential During Uncertain Times

Why Design Outstaffing Is Essential During Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times, many industries fear the effects of a potential global recession. Fintech, however, is experiencing new and unprecedented levels of growth. European fintech organizations have seen a 72% increase in use with numbers in Asia and America following suit. This is great news for those in the fintech industry but it doesn’t come without a catch. Bringing in hundreds or thousands of new clients at once can put a strain on your existing infrastructure. Plus, a booming industry creates room for growth, and failing to adapt could mean falling behind. Fortunately, design outstaffing could be the solution your fintech company is looking for. How? Read on to learn more about how working with a remote team can keep you ahead of the curve during this surge of digital financing.

Design Outstaffing vs Outsourcing

To avoid confusion, let’s talk about the difference between outstaffing and working with outsourcing services or outsourcing companies. While both entail working with remote teams, outstaffing involves a higher level of collaboration, communication, and undivided attention. 

When you manage a remote team that is outstaffed, you work with individuals who are focused directly on your company. Though you may not be face to face and may even be in different time zones, you’re part of the same team. You’ll find that it is easy to develop a personal relationship with each remote team member, as though you were all standing around a virtual water cooler.

Teams built through offshore outsourcing are often working on a number of similar projects at once and you may find that communication is difficult. This makes it harder to customize or adjust web designs and business processes as the outsourced team progresses. 


Why Design Outstaffing Is a Great Solution

Both large and small fintech companies stand to benefit from outstaffing their application development and design. Outstaffing gives you the tools to quickly adapt to the changing needs of your customers and the overall economy in ways that would otherwise be difficult. Let’s explore some of the ways that outstaffing creates immediate solutions.

Easy Access to Top-Notch Talent

When you work with an agency like Artkai eliminates the need for recruitment. Normally, you’d have to scour the internet for the best and brightest researchers and developers who are available to work from home right now. This requires both time and money and you run the risk of bringing on a remote worker that isn’t the right fit.

Artkai takes pride in finding the rising stars in software development and fintech research. If we assign them to your team, you can be certain that you’ve gotten access to top-notch talent without the stress.


According to recent Deloitte research, companies who seek out remote teams of outstaffers are looking for a cost-effective option more than half of the time. Why is outstaffing cost-effective?

As we mentioned earlier, you can skip the cost of recruitment. You can also skip the cost of training, as we handle any necessary training on our end (and most of our employees come fully prepared). 

Plus, your outstaffed team is there for you in order to get the job at hand done. You know exactly what your budget is and you can skip the cost of paying new, full-time, salaried employees once the project is complete.


Smaller companies, in particular, often find that each team member wears many hats. That means adjusting the scale of one project can impact the efficiency or quality of another. 

Design outstaffing entails that you have a full team of remote workers devoted to every need of a single project. This frees up your existing employees to continue with front-facing work such as customer service. It also allows you to focus on the bigger picture while we take care of the behind-the-scenes details. 

Improved Efficiency

As the demand for fintech products grows, efficiency is key. Customers are seeking ways to fulfill their needs right now, not months or years from now. If your company doesn’t deliver as quickly as the rest, you’re certain to lose potential customers.

Artkai is a remote team devoted full-time to solving problems just like yours. When you work with us, you’re bringing on a team that needs far less ramp-up time because this isn’t our first time around the block. Plus, when you outstaff your remote team, you’re building globally, which means you get to manage a remote team that is working around the clock.

Proven Quality

When you opt for design outstaffing, you choose quality over anything else. You’re not placing bets on people who are new to the business and show promise. You’re teaming up with individuals who have real experience with teamwork and can show you exactly what they’re capable of before you sign a single document.

Take a look at our current portfolio of recent work. We don’t expect you to take our word for it. We want you to see what we can do with your own eyes.


Are you ready to expand your fintech company to meet the needs of these uncertain times? Build your own remote team of design outstaffers to put together your new website, products, and applications. To begin your journey with design outstaffing, fill out our contact form, and request a quote for your company’s project. Give us your vision and we’ll bring it to life.

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